Bikram Yoga Success Stories.

Some like it hot but "Chicago"'s Bianca Marroquin, currently playing the iconic role of Roxie Hart on the Great White Way, likes things a scorching 115 degrees to be exact. The Latina star invited to feel the burn during a private "hot yoga" session at her favorite studio, Bikram Yoga NYC, right around the corner from the Ambassador Theatre where Marroquin lights the stage on fire eight times a week. We really felt the perspiration dripping down our temples as we went through the 26 postures of Bikram Yoga with "Chicago"'s finest.

Bikram Yoga Town of Mount-Royal (TMR) is a Hot Yoga Studio in Montreal. Bikram Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga and classes are held in a heated room.

Bikram Yoga Adelaide.

Bikram Yoga of Santa Rosa - Santa Rosa, CA.

This is a stop motion video of a 90 min beginners Bikram Hot Yoga class. A special thank you goes out to the awesome yogis at the Bikram Yoga Richmond studios!

What is Bikram Yoga? Bruce Kessler at the Bikram Yoga Moscow studio.

Seminar with 2010 Yoga World Champions, Brandy Lyn Winfield and Kasper van den Wijngaard, at Bikram Yoga Moscow.

A brief Q&A with some of Jakarta's finest and most spirited Yogis.

Bikram Yoga San Jose 9th Anniversary

Yoga Championship

Yoga Championship - Bishnu Chanran Ghosh Cup 2012