Over 45,000 runners took to the streets for Sunday's ING NYC Marathon. So how can the runners recover from 26.2 mile pavement pounding? Bikram Yoga NYC is supporting local marathon-runners by providing a week of free classes to those who go the distance. Donna Rubin, founder and co-owner of Bikram Yoga NYC, was here to explain and show us these moves:

  • Half Moon - helps alleviate lower back pain
  • Separate Leg Stretching - stretches hamstrings
  • Half Tortoise - stretches lower part of lungs
  • Camel - improves flexibility of neck and spine

Runners who furnish a marathon certificate can redeem their free classes at any Bikram Yoga NYC location. For more details on the free classes being offered to marathon runners at Bikram Yoga NYC, visit www.bikramyoganyc.com.

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Yoga Championship

Yoga Championship - Bishnu Chanran Ghosh Cup 2012